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Adam Loberstein is the Coordinator of Media Relations and Broadcasting for the Oakland A's. He can be reached at

Articles by Adam Loberstein

2010 Rising Stars Game Chat - 11/06/2010

Join Adam Loberstein as he chats live from the 2010 Rising Stars Game.

Pittsburgh Pirates Top 5 - 04/25/2009

With potential above-average regulars in Pedro Alvarez and Andrew McCutchen, the Pirates have some talent on the way.

Spring Scouting: Madison Bumgarner - 04/03/2009

We had a great view of Madison Bumgarner's Apr. 1 start against the Los Angeles Dodgers in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Cleveland Indians Top 5 - 03/06/2009

LaPorta, Santana, Weglarz and Mills mean the Indians' future lineup is in good shape. And Huff will likely help the rotation.

St. Louis Cardinals Top 5 - 03/03/2009

St. Louis' minor league system has more depth than you may think.

Oakland Athletics Top 5 - 02/25/2009

All 14 players on this list are arguably among the top 200 prospects in all of baseball, the majority of which are top-100 types.

Top 10 Corner Outfielders Under 25 - 02/08/2009

Call us crazy, but we're confident that Justin Upton is going to have a better MLB career than Ryan Braun.

Top 15 Corner Outfield Prospects - 02/02/2009

With Travis Snider, Jason Heyward, and Matt LaPorta leading the way, corner outfield has some powerful prospects on the rise.

Top 10 Center Fielders Under 30 - 01/25/2009

We see Grady Sizemore as the best all-around center fielder in baseball, with B.J. Upton only slightly behind him.

Top 10 Center Fielders Under 25 - 01/20/2009

B.J. Upton's 2008 playoff performance may have been his breakout party, but we expect 2009 to be his breakout season.

Top 15 Center Field Prospects - 01/14/2009

Home to some of the best athletes in the game, center field is loaded with elite prospects, such as Cameron Maybin.

Top 10 Third Basemen Under 30 - 01/13/2009

David Wright is the best third baseman in baseball, but he isn't far ahead of Evan Longoria.

Top 10 Third Basemen Under 25 - 01/07/2009

Evan Longoria exploded on the scene and joined the elite third basemen in the game last season. Who's next?

Top 15 Third Base Prospects - 01/03/2009

While his high NCAA K-rate leaves room for concern, Pedro Alvarez is a solid bet to become an average big leaguer or better.

Top 10 Shortstops Under 30 - 12/28/2008

Stephen Drew remains a breakout candidate while Jimmy Rollins may be in the beginning stages of a steep decline.

Top 10 Shortstops Under 25 - 12/21/2008

Clearly the best shortstop under 25 in baseball, Hanley Ramirez has solidified his status among the top players in the game.

Top 15 Shortstop Prospects - 12/14/2008

Call them shiny new toys. Call them two of the 18 shortstops taken Top 10 overall since 1989: Tim and Gordon Beckham.

Top 10 Second Basemen Under 25 - 12/02/2008

While he hasn't hit stride in the big leagues, Asdrubal Cabrera has the potential to be one of the game's top second basemen.

Top 15 Second Base Prospects - 11/30/2008

Adrian Cardenas leads a second base prospect class that doesn't have many high-upside talents.

Arizona Fall League Update: Pitchers - 11/29/2008

Tommy Hanson led the league in seemingly every pitching category en route to claiming the top spot on this list with ease.