Articles by Adam Foster

U25 Exit Velocity Leaders Update - 05/24/2016

Miguel Sano is in Giancarlo Stanton territory when it comes to exit velocity.

Early 2016 U25 Exit Velocity Leaders - 04/16/2016

Exit velocity can tell us a lot about young hitters.

Battle of the 2010 Top 100s - 02/26/2016

We take a look back at the major 2010 Top 100 prospect lists to see which list contains the most value.

2014 Top 10 Teenagers by Production - 01/04/2015

Scouting aside, which teenagers had the best production last season?

Battle of the 2010 Top 100s - 12/07/2014

Which publication's 2010 Top 100 is looking the best?

Battle of the 2010 Top 100s - 04/14/2013

Project Prospect and Frankie Piliere's 2010 Top 100s continue ahead of the pack.

MiLB's Top 10 Teenagers - 05/24/2012

@AdamWFoster ranks the top 10 teenagers in the minors (full-season only)

MiLB Teenager Data/Analysis - 05/22/2012

See how your organization compares to the rest of baseball as far as teenage talents.

What I've Learned from Lawrie - 05/04/2012

Adam reflects on what he's learned from doubting Brett Lawrie.

Scouting Training Sessions Available - 04/03/2012

I'm happy to share everything I know about scouting in person.

My Scouting Story - 04/02/2012

I don't know it all but I can teach you something.

Kyle Zimmer Video (Subscriber) - 03/31/2012

Who wants to see video of USF starting pitcher Kyle Zimmer?

Adam's 2012 Spring Training Notes - 03/28/2012

Adam took 10 pages of scouting notes on High/Low-A prospects at spring training. 

Farm System Rankings - 01/29/2012

Adam ranks teams by farm system talent.

Our prospect rankings objective, principles and criteria - 01/27/2012

See what we're trying to accomplish with our rankings, how we make decisions and who we consider to be prospects.

The Reality of Today's Rule 5 Draft - 12/07/2011

There are dozens of sugar-coated articles out there telling you why you should care about the Rule 5 Draft.

Top 10 Triple-A Pitching Prospects by Production - 12/05/2011

Adam ranks 2011's top 10 Triple-A pitching prospects by production.

AFL Scouting: Day 4 - 11/19/2011

Adam's scouting notes from his fourth day at the AFL.

AFL Scouting: Day 3 - 11/19/2011

Adam's scouting notes from his third day at the AFL.

Jaff Decker Scouting Report - 11/19/2011

Based on seeing him at the AFL and Minor League Spring Training, Adam writes up Jaff Decker