2011 Industry Top 50+ Prospect List

February 28, 2011

I was reading Dollar Sign on the Muscle last night. The author, Kevin Kerrane, noted that the Phillies evenly weighted votes from their 1981 scouts to determine which players they'd persue in the first few rounds of the draft. The thought was that they could get a pretty good feel for the talent pool by highlighting the most commonly endorsed prospects.

With ESPN, AOL, Baseball America, Baseball Prospectus and our top 100 lists now published, here's your prospect dose of sports information for the day. It may help you prepare for online betting in BetUS. Each of the five previously mentioned lists was equally weighted. The 57 players below appeared on all five top 100s.

2011 Industry Top 50+ Prospect List
No.   Player   Pos.   Notes   Team   Ave.   S.D.
1   Mike Trout   CF   Plus runner with contact skills, patience and some pop   LAA   1.6   0.5
2   Bryce Harper   RF   The minor's new alpha male, he has monster power   WAS   2.4   2.6
3   Jesus Montero   C/DH   Likely above-average MLB bat but lacks defensive value   NYY   3.4   0.5
4   Domonic Brown   RF   Quick-twitch power hitter; will struggle making contact   PHI   5.0   2.0
5   Eric Hosmer   1B   Complete hitter who could also be a plus defender at 1B   KC   6.6   3.5
6   Julio Teheran   RHP   Command is lacking but has potential for 3 plus pitches   ATL   8.0   8.0
7   Jeremy Hellickson   RHP   We see him as a HUGE injury risk but has No. 2 upside   TB   10.6   5.9
8   Dustin Ackley   2B   Great line-drive hitter; poor bet to stick at second base   SEA   11.4   8.1
9   Aroldis Chapman   LHP   May be the hardest throwing pitcher ever; likely a RP   CIN   11.8   7.2
10   Wil Myers   OF   Patient power hitter who also makes contact regularly   KC   11.8   6.3
11   Shelby Miller   RHP   May be the best bet in the minors to surface as a No. 1   STL   13.0   4.2
12   Mike Moustakas   3B   Plus power/contact hitter; doesn't walk and may be a DH   KC   14.6   6.6
13   Matt Moore   LHP   Filthy stuff will get lots of Ks; could be a No. 1 by 2013   TB   16.0   5.5
14   Zach Britton   LHP   Elite ground ball pitcher with good stuff;  No. 1-2 upside   BAL   16.8   7.2
15   Jameson Taillon   RHP   Power pitcher with command; has Cy Young potential   PIT   17.2   9.4
16   Brandon Belt   1B   LD hitter has strong wrists and good oppo field approach   SF   17.8   6.5
17   Desmond Jennings   CF   Burner on the base paths has everything but power   TB   18.2   3.0
18   Kyle Drabek   RHP   Great CB; FB flashes plus; CH and command are lacking   TOR   21.4   10.0
19   Freddie Freeman   1B   Polished contact hitter who doesn't walk; limited to 1B   ATL   22.6   11.9
20   Manny Machado   SS   Chance to stick at SS and be an elite bat there; if not 3B   BAL   22.8   7.4
21   Martin Perez   LHP   Has the stuff just needs to figure it out between the ears   TEX   24.6   7.3
22   Manny Banuelos   LHP   No one doubts his arsenal; hasn't thrown many innings   NYY   25.4   12.8
23   Michael Pineda   RHP   Great stuff/command; elbow injury cost him most of '09   SEA   25.8   17.5
24   Jarrod Parker   RHP   Back to 100% after TJ; may surface as a true No. 1 in '11   ARI   26.8   11.6
25   Mike Montgomery   LHP   Plus change but his FB is straight and his CB inconsistent   KC   27.4   15.6
26   John Lamb   LHP   Outstanding FB/CH combo; needs curveball to progress   KC   29.0   18.3
27   Jacob Turner   RHP   Violent delivery but there's no doubting his raw stuff   DET   29.4   14.4
28   Casey Kelly   RHP   Had some non-arm injuries in '10; No. 2-3 starter upside   SD   32.6   10.6
29   Lonnie Chisenhall   3B   Good contact hitter with solid pop and enough D for 3B   CLE   33.8   8.0
30   Jonathan Singleton   1B   Burly with body that'll get bigger; good contact/patience   PHI   35.4   19.0
31   Mike Minor   LHP   Some people doubt his stuff; pitched like a No. 2-3 in '10   ATL   36.4   14.4
32   Tyler Matzek   LHP   Big gamble; poor command and stuff wasn't there in '10   COL   36.8   15.7
33   Aaron Hicks   CF   Plus D; lots of patience; hasn't shown much game power   MIN   37.6   16.0
34   Jose Iglesias   SS   Best defensive SS we've ever seen; he can hit a little   BOS   39.8   8.9
35   Chris Sale   LHP   There's no doubting his stuff, though he's probably a RP   CHW   41.6   27.2
36   Randall Delgado   RHP   Promising command of a plus FB and CH; No. 2-3 upside   ATL   43.2   15.0
37   Kyle Gibson   RHP   Big injury risk; good command down in zone; No. 2 upside MIN   43.4   13.5
38   Wilin Rosario   C   All-star potential behind the dish; could bust out in '11   COL   43.6   22.2
39   Jordan Lyles   RHP   A pretty safe bet to surface as a No. 3 starter by 2012   HOU   44.0   8.6
40   Devin Mesoraco   C   Hard-swinging power hitter who has some critics on D   CIN   44.2   16.4
41   Jean Segura   2B   Good upside as a power/speed up-the-middle defender   LAA   45.0   15.4
42   Jason Kipnis   2B   Has impressive pop for a 2B; glove is below-ave. though   CLE   46.6   17.7
43   Gary Sanchez   C   High-risk teenage; contact/patience could be hurdles   NYY   46.8   21.8
44   Zack Wheeler   RHP   Fingernail issue cost him much of '10; may break out in '11 SF   46.8   7.3
45   Derek Norris   C   Solid defensive C has plenty of power/patience; Ks a lot   WAS   49.8   14.7
46   Miguel Sano   3B   Expect a move to 1B, where his bat may not stand out   MIN   52.0   28.5
47   Nick Franklin   2B   Advanced feel for the game; potential above-ave. 2B   SEA   52.0   9.0
48   Anthony Rizzo   1B   Could become a mistake FB crusher and a solid regular   SD   54.0   17.3
49   Simon Castro   RHP   Commands a promising FB/SL combo; CH could be ave.   SD   58.8   11.6
50   Tony Sanchez   C   Instinctive C has more glove than bat but can hit some, too PIT   58.8   20.6
51   Jurickson Profar   SS   We like his upside more as SP; plus makeup; lacks power   TEX   63.4   20.7
52   Anthony Ranaudo   RHP   Powerful college hurler who proved healthy in the Cape   BOS   66.8   22.1
53   Drew Pomeranz   LHP   Has strikeout stuff; doesn't always know where it's going CLE   68.8   21.6
54   Matt Dominguez   3B   Good D at 3B and could have an ave. bat for the position   FLA   70.2   10.7
55   Wilmer Flores   3B   More tools than polished ability; decent upside as a 3B   NYM   73.8   23.7
56   Chris Carter   1B   Powerful/patient; Not much of a defender or contact hitter OAK   75.6   25.9
57   Tyler Skaggs   LHP   Great CB; success may depend on physical maturation   ARI   78.0   5.1
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* Ave. is the average rank between PP, BA, BP, ESPN & AOL's top 100s; S.D. is standard deviation